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Among the various factors that make the design stand out,  the most important factor we have tried is the balance of space and objects.

The three-dimensional space is a space created by the interplay of the X-Y-Z axis, and the concept is to embrace the space where everyone lives in their daily lives.

We wanted to divide the concept of a visually undefined space into virtual grids to observe it more closely, 

and to find the interface between the lines that space has and the lines that the objects have, 

and to show the harmony of the two objects that seem to be inconsistent.

In designing the Floor Lamp, we wanted to break down the hypothetical boundary 

that exists between space and objects in the form that the cuboid-type border creates.

The body of the floor lamp is combined with the visual stability of the geometric living space shown in the usual interior architecture. 

The interaction between the shadow and outside indirect lighting caused by LED lights 

built in along the straight line creates a visual beauty of another sense of space in the interior space.

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